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Choose from our different treatment planning and surgical guide options below. You decide how much you would like Implant Concierge to assist with your digital needs. Whether you are treatment planning and designing your own case or having Implant Concierge do it for you, we are here to be your virtual assistant.

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Implant Concierge + You

Implant Concierge creates an initial treatment plan using RealGUIDE. YOU finalize the treatment plan, then send it back to Implant Concierge for surgical guide design.

Initial Plan:
Single Implant Case=$75
2 + Implant Case=$100

Finalize Treatment Plan Options

  • IC + VIP $50
  • IC Auto-Approval $25
  • I will finalize using RealGUIDE software

Use My RealGUIDE Plan

You provide your final treatment plan. Implant Concierge will design and fabricate the surgical guide.

Optional Treatment Plan Service Upgrade: IC + VIP $50

Translation Service 

I will upload my completed Treatment Plan from an alternate software.

Optional Treatment Plan Service Upgrade:
IC VIP + $50