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Get To Know Implant Concierge

We First Opened as an Imaging Center

in San Antonio, Texas in 2005. Implant Concierge has since grown with the dental industry from the birth of CBCT technology to present day’s world of digital dentistry. Today Implant Concierge continues to push the boundaries of the dental industry by providing high quality treatment planning services and guided solutions to implantologists worldwide.

Our History

iMagDent San Antonio opens!

Our first imaging center in TX providing CBCT scans, Ortho records and 3D implant treatment planning. Within 4 years, iMagDent grows to over 10 centers!

Jan 23, 2006

Implant Concierge launches!

After three years of programming and internal testing, and still a few bugs to fix, Implant Concierge goes live!

Mar 7th 2014

1,000 Users!

Doctors rapidly begin to sign up at Implant Concierge, even with very little marketing dollars! Our secret is passionate employees, an intuitive website and simple flat-rate up-front pricing!

Apr 9th 2015

Movin’ On Up!

Implant Concierge moves into a beautiful new office in San Antonio with beautiful vistas! We outgrew it in 18 months, but it was a bold step at the time!

Apr 2016

6,419 Users!

Implant Concierge celebrates 6,419 Users and has shipped over 38,015 surgical guides across the globe! Guess what? Our secret is STILL the same…, passionate employees, an intuitive website and simple flat-rate up-front pricing!

Sep 6th, 2018

Implant Concierge is your one stop shop for your guided surgery needs. As your Virtual Treatment Plan CoordinatorTM, Implant Concierge will enable any implantologists to implement the known benefits of guided surgical solutions, seamlessly and efficiently into their practice.

Meet Our CEO

CEO Implant Concierge Surgical Guide Stent Dental Implants Guided Surgery

Howdy! Thank you so much for visiting our website and reading this page! I hope that my few words here will give you a small glimpse into the type of culture, leadership and passion that everyone at Implant Concierge shares! After starting my first imaging center in San Antonio, TX, in 2006, I quickly realized

that many dentists desperately needed help in integrating the guided digital implant workflow into their practice. Guided surgery was confusing, fragmented, time-consuming and too costly. Without a talented dental assistant who had the managerial skills to integrate guided surgery into the practice, guided surgery was going to be stuck in 1st gear!

My passion quickly became to create an intuitive website that made guided surgery easy and affordable for every dentist. Through dynamic programming, I wanted to create a virtual employee, or a Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™. After four years of mostly failed programming attempts, we finally launched Implant Concierge in October 2015. We now have over 6,000 dentist users and we ship surgical guides all over the world. Over 70% of our users find out about Implant Concierge from other dentists or implant reps, something that I am so amazed and thankful for everyday!

Because of our passionate dental assistants and co-workers here at Implant Concierge, my vision of creating an affordable and easy to use service that enables and empowers any dentist to integrate guided surgery into their practice has become a realty! I will be the first to admit that we are not always perfect, but we have a strong desire to serve you and your patients. When we are wrong, we will hold ourselves accountable to you and work hard to fix our mistakes. Our Biblically based service-oriented culture is our secret weapon in the ever-changing lightning fast digital dental world! Serving others creates so much joy for all of us!

Thank you once again for visiting our site and I hope that you find as much enjoyment in using our services as much as I and the entire Implant Concierge team enjoys providing them for you!

Bret Royal

Chief Executive Officer


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