Bone Blocks

Patients with severe atrophy of the mandible or maxilla who have elected for an implant-supported restoration may benefit from customized treatment. Allogenic (human) blocks as well as autologous blocks are the choice materials for the bone graft required for these cases. The success or failure of the grafting procedure may be determined by how well […]

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Puros Allograft Customized Blocks are a crucial developmental step in block grafting. A custom block is produced using CAD/CAM technology based on a CBCT/CT scan of the defect area. This makes the procedure more comfortable for your patient by reducing surgery time and minimizing the risk of complications.

Benefits of Puros Customized Blocks Tutoplast® Process Over the past 50 years:

• Approximately 6 million implants have gone through the Tutoplast Process globally.
• More than 5.5 million patient procedures have been performed using implants processed through the Tutoplast Process globally.
• Zero incidents of implant-associated infection.


Congruent In Shape

• Customized block fits precisely to defect.
• Large contact surface area improves ingrowth of blood vessels and revascularization.

Reduced Surgery Time

• Additional manual adjustment of the defect and of the customized block is seldom required, allowing for reduced surgery time and reduced morbidity.

Customer Reviews

Kurt Losier, DDS

I attended the Smile CE Live Surgical Implant Training course in Dec. of 2018 in Colorado Springs, CO. I immediately came back to my office and started planning all of my cases with Implant Concierge. While I am fully capable of free-handing, I choose to place all of my implants guided with Implant Concierge to maximize my surgical chair-time.

Gail Childers

Amber did a great job and was concise and very helpful.

Alex Ramos

I want to thanks each one of you that help me with this case. You all do an exceptional work and I really appreciated. The surgery was a breeze, everything went well and the accuracy of the guide was outstanding. Thanks and I look forward to do business in the near future.

Shaun Javier

Jessica M is an asset to my team! Thank you for what you do!Jessica M is an asset to my team! Thank you for what you do!

Kevin Sanders

Jessica did an excellent job during our VIP session. She was very knowledgeable and able to help me find and order some zimmer parts that I needed for the provisional restoration. I will book her for VIP sessions moving forward!

Jeffrey Garcia

Amber is phenomenal. She gets cases done efficiently with expertise. Thank you Amber!

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