Powerful Interdisciplinary Guided Surgery

Add a premium DSD Diagnostic Design service and receive a world-renowned DSD restorative design to your Implant Concierge case. DSD will create a facially driven diagnostic design which will serve as a powerful tool to enhance your guided surgical case and if requested, surgery-ready provisional and crown-lengthening guides.

"Implant Concierge is excited to partner with Dr. Coachman and his team of expert DSD designers! Implant Concierge has provided restorative based treatment plans for years, but having the option to add a DSD world renowned facially driven diagnostic design through a simple click will benefit all of our doctors and their patients!"
Bret Royal
Director of Guided Surgery

Ordering a DSD Diagnostic Design from Implant Concierge offers the following advantages:

DSD Expertise Provides Confidence

The DSD Diagnostic Design team are experts in designing a facially driven diagnostic design, or simply put, a beautiful mouth in harmony with the face.

Reduce Anxiety

Utilizing a DSD Diagnostic Design blueprint that provides an anticipated result and influences the implant treatment planning and immediate temporary prosthesis design reduces anxiety for the patient, dentist and dental team.

Interdisciplinary Planning Improves Esthetic Results

The DSD Diagnostic Design will improve the restorative based implant treatment plan, surgery-ready provisional design and crown lengthening guides.

Implant Concierge Portal

Manages the workflow and all communication to make this global interdisciplinary collaboration simple and efficient for your practice,
providing real-time updates and transparent pricing.

“There are many options for guided surgery but we recommend Implant Concierge. They have a differential from many others: integrated guided surgery plan with a DSD diagnostic design.”
Dr. Christian Coachman
DSD Founder and President of the Board


Accessing the world-renowned expertise of the DSD design center is as simple as a click within the Implant Concierge ordering page!   You will be able to order a DSD Diagnostic Design in two locations.

  1. The most popular way is to add it by clicking on the “Create a Case” button. You will then follow the intuitive and dynamic order page carousels to customize your patient specific case.  Add a radiology interpretation, select from multiple treatment plan options, design options, print options, and a DSD Diagnostic Design, all in one convenient location.  Watch this video!   


  1. If you don’t need a surgical guide design and all that you need is a DSD Diagnostic Design, use the Individual Services page button.  Watch this video.

      3. What is the workflow and what do I get when I order a DSD Diagnostic Design from Implant Concierge?


Step 1.  Create an Order at www.implantconcierge.com and add the DSD Diagnostic Design

Step. 2. Upload CBCT dicom and then upload the required DSD photos and video.

Step 3.  Conduct an inter-active Virtual Implant Planning session with your favorite Implant Concierge 3D Case Coordinator to finalize your treatment plan.

Step 4. Implant Concierge will design the surgical guide and surgery-ready provisionals.

Step 5.  You select who will print and fabricate your surgical guide and provisionals. 

A DSD Diagnostic Design is a facially driven diagnostic design (wax up) provided by the world renowned DSD Design Center. 

A DSD Diagnostic Design is a facially driven wax up provided by the world renowned DSD Design Center and it cost $295 for an arch.  Implant Concierge lab technicians provide prosthetically driven virtual wax ups.  We think we are great, but the reputation and experience of Dr. Coachman’s team is impeccable world-wide!

A DSD Diagnostic Design is $295 per arch and $495 for an upper and lower.

A DSD Crown Lengthening Guide Design fee is $230.  If you need Implant Concierge to print it, there will be a $50 print fee.

After you upload your DICOM and .STL file, Implant Concierge normally has your initial treatment plan back to you for review within a few hours.  Plan for an additional 3 days before the initial plan + the DSD Diagnostic Design is ready for your review.

Yes!  However, the pricing is a full arch pricing model and not a per tooth fee. 

Can I order a DSD Diagnostic Design even if I don’t need treatment planning or surgical guide design services from Implant Concierge? 

Yes!  After you login to Implant Concierge, select the “Individual Services” tab and locate the DSD Diagnostic Design service. You will also be able to add a Crown Lengthening Design at the same time.

No problem!  Using the design provided by DSD, your Implant Concierge Design technician will work with you to make your custom modifications.

Here is a wonderful reference chart provided by the DSD Team!  DSD-Photo-and-Video-Protocol.pdf.  This guide is also located within the Implant Concierge portal on the Upload Diagnostic Records page.

First and foremost, any customer can order a DSD Diagnostic Design through Implant Concierge, whereas, a DSD Upper is much more exclusive.  You can only order a DSD Upper if you pay for an annual membership to Dr. Coachman’s design center.  Both services provide a facially driven diagnostic wax up that can be used to assist in treatment planning.  However, the DSD Upper is a more comprehensive approach and will factor in orthodontics and all restorative considerations.  The DSD Diagnostic Design through Implant Concierge is focused on a design to drive a restorative based implant treatment plan.  Below is a chart provided by DSD to compare.  Also, watch this video from Dr. Coachman himself to better understand.


Not all Implant Concierge services are available for all countries at this time.