Build Your Case

Customize your workflow to enhance efficiency
and prioritize patient care with.

0101Create a Case

Select your treatment planning workflow and specify your restorative plans.

02 02 Initial Workup

Have Implant Concierge™ create a preliminary treatment plan, by merging the CBCT or .STL data, or, create the workup yourself through the free RealGUIDE™ software.

0303Finalize Implant Placement

Finalize your Implant Placement with Implant Concierge’s™ consultative services or finalize yourself using RealGUIDE™ or an alternate software.

0404Surgical Guide Design

Utilize Implant Concierge’s™ design expertise or provide your own .STL file.

Utilize Implant Concierge’s™ Industrial grade 3d printers or print your own.

Workflow Options

Implant Concierge™ + You

Implant Concierge™ + You Implant Concierge will use your CBCT scan and diagnostic models/.STL files to create a preliminary treatment plan.

Use My RealGUIDE™ Plan

One software, many opportunities! Download the free treatment planning software, RealGUIDE™, to create and finalize the implant placement yourself!

Virtual Implant Planning (VIP)

Schedule an online consultation with your favorite, experienced 3D Case Coordinator. Request as many meetings as you need until you are comfortable with the case!

Auto Approval

Single Implants Only Fast and convenient! Simply accept the treatment plan as is, or request edits. Review a quick video with measurements and key anatomy.

Radiology Interpretation


If you have pathological concerns or notice abnormal anatomy on your patient’s CBCT, request our in-house Board Certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist! Minimize your risk.

  • Select from Implant Concierge in-house Board Certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist or from one of our trusted partners.
  • Thorough analysis of anatomical structures, pathology, and implant viability with correlating 3D images.
  • Areas of interest are encouraged to be specific!

Schedule A Demo

Please schedule 30-45 minutes for the online webinar. This will include discussion over scanning protocols, and assistance in starting your case, uploading DICOM and more! Be sure to invite your assistants.


Not all Implant Concierge services are available for all countries at this time.