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Placement of the SureMark markers

The “Soft Tissue Separation” technique is only recommended if your patient has a denture made with barium sulfate or a metal substructure, or if your patient does not have a denture. If your patient does have an acrylic denture, please refer to and follow Dual Scan Protocol.

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  • Ensure the denture surface is dry before placing the sticker markers.
  • Use a well-fitting, hard lined denture with NO soft liner; your surgical guide will only fit as well as the denture does without soft liner!
  • Place at least 6 markers (no need to exceed 8 markers) on varying planes split between the buccal and palatal/lingual, making sure they do not overlap with one another.  For example: if you place a marker on the buccal area of #2 the place your next marker on the palatal side of #4/5 area, then place the next marker on the facial of #8-9 area and so on. Do not place the markers on the intaglio surface of the denture.
  • Place the metal BB just above the gingival margin of the denture teeth. Do not place markers on the palatal area.
  • Remember you will be doing two scans: One scan of the marked denture by itself on a non-radiopaque surface like packing foam, and another of the patient wearing the marked denture.  Do not remove the markers in between scans.

For more information regarding Dual Scan Protocol, please visit our Scanning Protocol section.



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