Schedule a meeting

1.  Login to Implant Concierge and click on the patient’s name to open the case. 


2.  Click the red “Schedule VIP Session” button.


3.  You may change your timezone, if needed, and set as default.


4.  Click the “Check Availability” box and select a date from the drop down calendar. Once your date is selected, click the green “View Availability” button.


5.  Choose an available coordinator from the list and click the blue “Schedule” button.


6. A confirmation window will appear.  Confirm your time, or click cancel to choose another time.  Once you click to confirm, you will see that the system is working while it schedules you with us!  Please give it a moment to complete this for you! Once done, you will see a banner containing the GoToMeeting link and Conference Call number at the top of the patient’s case.

Ready to get started?


Not all Implant Concierge services are available for all countries at this time.