Partially Edentulous CBCT scan of Maxilla

1.  Patient Positioning:

–  Breathe through your nose

– Bite gently on cotton rolls

– Close your eyes and place tongue at the back of the mouth

2.  Vital Anatomy to be captured:

– Superior: Mid sinus / below orbit

– Inferior: Capture 1-3 mm of mandible dentition

Protocol 1

3.  CBCT General Settings: Maxl 6cm – 8cm, 0.3 – 0.4 Voxels

4.  Export and Upload CBCT Scan

– Export the CBCT scan in a multi-file DICOM format to the desktop

– Right click on the folder, go to “Send To”, and select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”

– Upload the zipped/compressed folder to Implant Concierge

5.  Ship the diagnostic model to Implant Concierge.

More information on exporting the DICOM files from your specific CBCT machine can be found under the “Exporting DICOM” section. 

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