Fully Edentulous: Soft Tissue Separation

The “Soft Tissue Separation” technique is only recommended if your patient has a denture made with barium sulfate or a metal substructure, or if your patient does not have a denture. If your patient does have an acrylic denture, please refer to and follow Dual Scan Protocol.

2. Take a full arch CBCT scan of the patient WITHOUT an appliance:

  • Place cotton rolls along the entire arch, in between the cheek and vestibule of the patient
  • For maxillary scans, have the patient rest their tongue down and back
  • For mandibular scans, place cotton rolls under the tongue
  • Have the patient bite on additional cotton rolls bi-laterally

2. Review the scan to ensure that you can clearly see the edentulous ridge:

Accepted Scangreen check



red-x15Rejected Scan  


* Please note images may vary on CBCT machines *

3.  Export and Upload

  • Export the CBCT scan in a multi-file DICOM format to the desktop
  • Right-click on the folder, go to “Send To”, and select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”
  • Upload the zipped/compressed folder to Implant Concierge

4. Take a soft tissue impression of the patient and ship the diagnostic cast to Implant Concierge

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