Fully Edentulous CBCT Scan: Dual Scan Protocol of Maxilla and Mandible

1.  On a dry, well-fitting denture, place 6 x-ray markers:

  • Place 3 markers on the facial/buccal surface and an additional 3 markers on the lingual/palatal surface
  • Place the markers on varying axial planes
  • Example: if you place a marker on the buccal area of #2-3, then place your next marker on the lingual of #4-5, the next marker on the facial of #8-9 area and so on

*Do not place the markers on the intaglio surface of the denture*


2.  Pre-Scan Patient Instructions:

  • Use a bite registration for separation, secure fit, and to eliminate rocking
  • Confirm fit by asking the patient “Is the denture fitting correctly?”
  • Breathe through your nose, close your eyes, and place the tongue at the back of the mouth

3.  First Scan: Capture CBCT of ONLY the maxilla denture with x-ray markers.

  • Position appliance on a foam block
  • Orientate teeth occlusal DOWN

CBCT General Settings: 6cm  – 8cm, 0.3 – 0.4 Voxel

4.  Second Scan: Capture CBCT of ONLY the mandible denture with x-ray markers.

  • Position appliance on a foam block
  • Orientate teeth occlusal UP

CBCT General Settings: 6cm – 8cm, 0.3 – .4 Voxel

5.  Third Scan: Capture CBCT of patient WEARING maxilla AND mandible dentures with x-ray markers.

Vital Anatomy to be captured:

  • Superior: Mid sinus / below orbit
  • Inferior: Chin and entire mandible

CBCT General Settings: Full 13cm

  • 20cm, 0.3 – 0.4 Voxel

6. When scanning a patient following Dual Scan Protocol:

  • Review the scan carefully to ensure there is no “Black Air Space” between the denture and the soft tissue of the patient

Rejected Scan  



green check

Accepted Scan  


7.  Export and Upload the CBCT Scans to Implant Concierge

  • Export the CBCT scans individually, in a multi-file DICOM format to the desktop
  • Right-click on each folder, go to “Send To”, and select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”
  • Upload both zipped/compressed folders to Implant Concierge

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