Export Carestream Treatment Plan

When exporting your Carestream treatment plan, this will also include the multi-file DICOM. In addition to the treatment plan and multi-file DICOM, Implant Concierge will also require a diagnostic cast (a digital impression or a stone model). More information can be found at the bottom of the page.

1.  On your desktop, right-click on an empty space. Go to “New” and click “Folder”. A folder will appear with highlighted blue text. Type in the patient name and push “Enter” on your keyboard.


2.  In the Carestream software, open the patient history. Select the correct volume and click “Send to”.


3.  Choose the option for “Folder Location” and click the “Select” button. 


A pop-up will appear. Select the folder you just created on the desktop. Click “OK”.

CS8100 3

Under “Other”, please select “3D Viewer” and click “OK”.


4.  After the plan exports and saves, go back to the desktop, right-click on the patient’s folder, go to “Send to”, and select “Compressed (zipped) folder”. A duplicate folder will be made with either a zipper on it, or a blue “Z”.



5.  To upload the compressed folder, login to Implant Concierge. Click on the patient’s name to open the case. Click on the red “Upload DICOM” button.



6.  Drag and drop the folder from the desktop to Implant Concierge. The file will automatically begin uploading.



7.   Once the file reaches 100%,  click the green “Complete” button.


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