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[Autofill lab name] has created your Implant Concierge account. Please fill out the form below to create your HIPAA-compliant password so that we can proceed with treatment planning and surgical guide design.

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  • [Autofill lab name] has partnered with Implant Concierge to utilize its HIPAA-compliant communication portal, comprehensive treatment planning services, experienced surgical guide design, and industrial production.
  • To take advantage of these services, you will need to create an Implant Concierge account

Why do you need an Implant Concierge Account?

  • Although [autofill lab name] will be managing your cases, you, as the treating clinician, will need to log in to join the virtual meeting to finalize the implant placement and to authorize the final surgical guide
  • Having an Implant Concierge account will also allow you to track the progress of your cases!

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