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Implant Concierge FAQ

1.  What is Implant Concierge?

Implant Concierge™ is a propriety web-based technology that provides dentists and other industry professionals with a centralized, HIPAA compliant tool used to communicate, streamline, and coordinate CBCT solutions and guided implant surgical services. Implant Concierge ™ is your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ delivering real time updates on your case and accurate financial summary within minutes! Located deep in the heart of Texas in beautiful San Antonio, Texas our 3D Case Coordinators take great pride in offering a true concierge-style customer service experience.

Founded in 2006, Implant Concierge™ has assisted thousands of dentists with their CBCT, radiology and CAD/CAM surgical guide, and restorative needs. Implant Concierge™ can handle any case – from simple to complex. We are committed to developing our service and reputation through innovation and trust.

2.  Who can use Implant Concierge?

Implant Concierge can be used by restorative dentists, oral surgeons, and other dental team members involved in a case. Implant Concierge™ coordinates the actions of your implant case by improving communication between your dental implant team.

3.  How do I get started?

Getting started is simple! Register at and start your case by clicking on “Create Implant Concierge Case”.  There is no cost to start a case or to create a user profile. If you need assistance in creating a case, please see our Getting Started document titled “Creating your first case”.

4.  Do I need to download the software?

No. There’s no software to download or to purchase! Implant Concierge is a web-based application. You can use Implant Concierge anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser.  Because it is web-based, Implant Concierge is compatible with both Mac and Microsoft operating software.

5.  Do I need to buy a new computer and software?

No.  Since Implant Concierge is a web-based application, it can be used with any computer that has internet!  No need to purchase tricked out computers with mega storage and robust graphics cards for 3D rendering.  We do recommend Safari or Google Chrome for best viewing results and internet security.

6.  Can other users see my data?

No.  Implant Concierge is a HIPAA compliant website.  You can add additional Case Partners, such as a colleague for multi-disciplinary cases, but they will only have access to the cases that you share with them.

7.  Can I share a case with someone not using Implant Concierge?

Yes!  In order to add a colleague or Case Partner to a case, simply invite them on the Partners tab.  Once they accept your invitation and create their own user profile and login information, they will be able to access the case files just as you are.  All of this falls within the strict HIPAA compliance terms. If you need assistance in adding a case partner, please see our How To document titled “Add a Case Partner

8.  Can I add a case at any time?

Yes. Implant Concierge gives you 24-hour access to add a new case and case partners, review case notes and images.

9.  Is there an additional support and maintenance fee?

No. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

10.  How does Implant Concierge know the perfect workflow for my specific case?

The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator analyzes your software selection, the teeth missing or teeth that will be extracted at time of surgery, as well as your ideal restorative treatment plan.  Based upon these variables, the Implant Concierge will either provide specific options or in some instances will force certain options that will be required.  Guided surgery has traditionally been very confusing based upon all of the rules, but Implant Concierge no longer requires that you remember all of these rules, steps and sequences!  We provide you the most efficient work flow available up-front.  The web-based program is complex enough for any challenging surgical guided case, but intuitive and simple enough for any dental professional!

11.  What does the Implant Concierge require in order to to create a CAD/CAM Surgical Guide?

Based on the type of case that you are working on, the Implant Concierge™ will require that specific protocols are followed, which will ensure an efficient workflow as well as a very accurate and restorative based surgical guide is provided!

We have four main workflows:

– Simple Partially Edentulous: We need a CBCT Scan (with NO scanning appliance) and a diagnostic cast (either a stone model or a digital impression).

– Immediate Extract/Immediate Place:  The requirements are the same as the “Simple Partially Edentulous”! We need a CBCT Scan (with NO scanning appliance) and a diagnostic cast (either a stone model or a digital impression).

– Complex Partially Edentulous – We need a CBCT Scan (with NO scanning appliance) and a diagnostic cast (either a stone model or a digital impression).  In addition to those, we will also need restorative information. The restorative model can be a simple wax-up or a Pick-up impression from the patient’s RPD.

– Fully Edentulous: Dual Scan Protocol is ideal.

For information regarding the scanning protocols, please visit our “Scanning Protocols” section.

For more detailed information regarding our workflows, please review our customized workflows in “Getting Started“!

12.  How does the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator make my life easier?

The Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ is the “QB” for each case. Based upon your case and your patient specific selections, the Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ will coordinate and synchronize your entire dental implant team!  Your lab, imaging, radiology, planning and surgical guides are all integrated into your case as your “Case Partner”.   Each Case Partner is instructed what to do, how to do it and when to do it!  The best part is that each step is also recorded using our software to ensure that it is done on time ensuring that your cases are completed On Time, On Task and On Budget!  We remove the managerial headaches of a fragmented process for you.

All you have to do is log in and track the case!

13.  Is Implant Concierge HIPAA compliant and safer than email?

Yes!  Implant Concierge is HIPAA compliant using our double layered encryption, security certificate as well as HIPAA compliant password authentication.  Access your case files remotely with security 24/7.  Utilize the “Notes” tab to record critical notes between your Case Partners, which is much safer and more HIPAA compliant than your email.

14.  How do I send large data files to Implant Concierge?

Implant Concierge™ has built in proprietary uploading tools that allow you to quickly and safely upload large DICOM data sets and .stl files.  This integrated uploader is easier and safer than DropBox, HighTail, Yousend and other 3rd party uploading services!

15.  How do I send you my CBCT scan?

Simple!  Export the multi-file DICOM from your CBCT scanner or from the disk provided by your CBCT Scan Site to your desktop and compress/ zip the folder.  Next, click on the “Upload DICOM” action button in the Implant Concierge Patient Profile, attach the zipped folder and select “Upload Files”! For more detailed information, please see our “Exporting DICOM” section and locate the correct document for your CBCT machine.

16.  Can I mail you my disk with the CBCT scan?

Yes, you can mail it to us.  However, we prefer that you upload your CBCT Scans to Implant Concierge™.  Why?  It is faster, safer and more reliable to upload it to our website directly.  Save shipping costs and get a faster turn-around by uploading.

If you still insist on mailing it to us, here is our address!

Implant Concierge

11503 NW Military Hwy, Ste. #212

San Antonio, TX 78231

17.  How do I export my DICOM/CBCT scan?

All CBCT machines are federally regulated to allow you to export DICOM Multi-File.  However, each machine exports DICOM differently!  You can see a list of different CBCT machines and how to export the DICOM under our “Exporting DICOM” section. If your CBCT brand is not listed, please call us so we can add it!  If you need any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

18.  What are radiographic markers and where can I purchase them?

Radiographic markers are placed on a WELL FITTING/HARD RELINED DENTURE and show up on the CBCT acquisition  Ideally, 6-8 radiopaque markers are placed on the denture – split between the buccal and lingual/palatal. You can call to purchase a box of 110 stickers for $53 + shipping. If you need assistance placing the markers, please see our How To document titled “Placement of the SureMark Markers“.

19.  Do I need a barium sulfate scanning appliance?

No!  Implant Concierge highly recommends the Dual Scan Protocol.  Instead of incurring the extra costs of creating a scanning appliance before you know if you can even place implants, now, all we need you to do is add radiographic markers to the denture and take a CBCT scan!  Just make sure that the denture is well-fitting and hard-relined.  That is the KEY to success for fully edentulous, mucosa borne surgical guides!

20.  Do I need a duplicated denture?

No!  If the denture is well-fitting and hard-relined, that is ALL that Implant Concierge needs!  Add a few radiographic markers, take two CBCT scans are we are off to the races!

***(If you are using a Sirona, please visit our “Fully Edentulous Sirona Dual CBCT Scan Protocol” document in the “Scanning Protocol” section of our Support Page.)***


21.  Do I need a radiographic prosthesis or scanning appliance? 

No!  All we need is a CBCT scan of the patient (wearing NO radio opaque appliance) and slight separation of the occlusion.  A thick bite registration material or cotton rolls work great! 

– Fully Edentulous cases: Requires a hard-relined, well-fitting denture with radiographic markers that are adhered to denture.

– Partially Edentulous cases: Requires a simple diagnostic wax-up and a pick-up impression of a patient’s removal partial denture.

For more detailed information, please review the 4 Workflows on our Support Page in “Getting Started“!

22.  Do I need DICOM conversion?

Simplant made this term famous!  Now, instead of a DICOM Conversion fee, we add a Virtual Implant Planning (VIP) fee ($150) that includes the conversion from DICOM to the treatment planning software, an initial treatment plan, a Final VIP online virtual surgery and any merging of DICOM and stl files.  Why buy software, spend over 1.5 – 2 hours doing all of these steps when Implant Concierge will do it all for you!  You don’t need to worry about software costs, software training and precious chair-time or personal time behind a computer.  That’s why we are here!

23.  What is a board certified oral & maxillofacial radiologist?

Oral and maxillofacial radiologists (OMR) produce and interpret images of the jaws, teeth, bone and other structures of the head and neck region.  Radiologists are involved in the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders and conditions that affect this area of the body (

24.  What Intra-Oral Scanners are compatible with Implant Concierge?

The easy answer, Implant Concierge is compatible with ANY IOS that exports .stl files.  If you can get the .stl file, then we are good to go!  No need to ship models or pick up impressions of RPD’s or diagnostic wax-up models, just scan and upload Implant Concierge the .stl file(s)!

We are currently receiving IOS .stl files from the following IOS devices. If your device is not listed, let us know and we will add it! View our compatibility and partners here

– iTero

– 3Shape

– 3M

– Cerec Omni-cam* (requires additional $15 conversion)

25.  Is Implant Concierge compatible with my Cerec? 

Yes!  Even though Cerec has gone through great measures to keep their system closed and not work with service based companies such as Implant Concierge… where there is a will, there is a way!  Implant Concierge has partnered with a local lab that has the ability to convert the protected “.ilab” Cerec IOS to a .stl.  It will cost you an additional $15, but that sure beats having to take an alginate, pour it up, package it and then ship it to us!

26.  How do you bill me?

We bill on a case by case basis. Once your surgical guide gets printed and shipped, that is when the billing process begins. We charge the card you have placed on file and you will receive an invoice on the patient case.

27.  How do I report issues or get answers to additional questions?

You may report issues or ask questions by emailing
You may also call us at (866) 977-2228 Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.

Need to get in touch with us?

The Implant Concierge Team awaits your every question.


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