Need Help with Creating a Fully Edentulous Case?

Creating a Fully Edentulous VIP

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1.  Login to Implant Concierge. Click on “Create Implant Concierge Case”.

2.  For Implant Concierge to create your treatment plan, select the blue “Create a Case” button.

3.  Fill in the blanks with the patient’s information, and which Implant system the Doctor is planning to use.

Then click the green “Next” button.

4.  Fill out the tooth chart on the left (Current Dentate State) to reflect the patient’s dentition at the time of the scan.  For fully edentulous cases, please click on the “Fully Edentulous” button to clear all teeth from the “Current Dentate State” Tooth Chart.

For the tooth chart on the right side (Ideal Restorative Plan), indicate where you would ideally like implants to be placed.  Click on the tooth once, to have a virtual implant placed there.

5.  Hard Relined-Denture

It is imperative that the denture be well fitting. How the denture seats in the mouth is how the surgical guide will seat at the time of surgery.

6.  CAD/CAM Surgical Guide

Please click on “Yes”. Keep in mind this is just an order form! Nothing is charged until the case is completed!

7.  CBCT Scan Acquisition

Please specify if one arch was scanned, or if both arches were scanned.

8.  Proposed Restorative Plan

This is where you can write any restorative notes that you would like our team to be aware of when working on this case.

9.  Radiologist Interpretation

This is optional!  If you would like a Board-Certified Radiologist to interpret your CBCT scan, then click on “yes” and select which entity you would like to provide your reading.   Please provide your area of interest or instructions to the radiologist in the provided text box.

10.  Once you’ve reviewed the services and charges you have selected for this case, click “Create” to start your case!

11.  You are then prompted to authorize that the case be placed into the queue for work up.  *This does not meant that your card on file will be charged.*

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