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Surgical Guide FAQ

1.  What kind of surgical guides do you offer?

We offer three different surgical guide options: Pilot Only, Guided, and Fully Guided.

2.  What is the difference between a Pilot Only Guide, Guided, or Fully Guided?

Ultimately, the answer is accuracy.  If you want the most accurate implant placement and the ability to have surgery ready provisionals, you will need to invest in a “Fully Guided Kit”.  If your implant manufacturer does not offer one, then you will need to consider a different implant manufacturer until they do.

Here is a basic explanation between the three guided options; Pilot, Guided, Fully Guided:

Pilot Only Guide:  It is what is says it is!  The Implant Concierge Master sleeve (embedded into the CAD/CAM surgical guide) allows your first implant drill to pass through the sleeve.   If your pilot drill is ø2.0mm, then the Master sleeve will be ø2.10mm.  A few implant manufacturers sell a Depth Control Pilot drill.  If you want depth control but your implant manufacturer does not sell a drill with a depth stop, Implant Concierge can provide one for you for $55!  Let us know and we can help you out!

Guided:  A Guided Kit is nice because it provides depth and direction for each drill of the osteotomy process.  The Implant Concierge Master Sleeve is the perfect diameter to accept the implant manufacturers handles or spoons.  In addition, the master sleeve is positioned on the “Z” axis to also provide depth control.

Fully Guided:  The Fully Guided Kit takes you all the way!  Not only are all implant drills guided through the Master sleeve, depth and direction, but the implant is also placed through the Implant Concierge Master Sleeve!  Depending upon the system, these specialized guided implant drivers (sometimes referred to as implant mounts) come with the Fully Guided Kit or they are sold already connected to the implant.  Be sure to ask your implant representative or your Implant Concierge 3D Case Coordinator to make sure that you order the right “guided implant” SKU. Examples of Fully Guided are:  Nobel Guide, Straumann Guided, Camlog, Astra EV, Neoss, MIS, BioHorizons and more….

3.  What Guided Surgery Kits are Implant Concierge™ CAD/CAM Surgical Guides compatible with?

Implant Concierge is compatible with most implant manufacturers guided surgery kits.  In case we are not, let us know and we will get compatible!  Here is our current list of our compatibility options:

– Astra EV

– Bicon Guided Implant Kit

– BioHorizons Guided Kit

– Biomet 3i Navigator System

– Camlog Guide System

– Dentsply (Astra)

– Hiossen Guided Kit

– Implant Concierge Pilot Drills (Depth & Direction)

– Implant Direct Guided Surgery Kit

– In2Guide Guided kit

– InVivo Handle / Insert Kit

– Megagen

– MIS Guided

– Neoss

– Neodent

– Nobel Guided

– OCO Biomedical

– Ritter Dental Implants

– Simplant Long Stop / Universal Drill Kit

– Straumann Guided Surgery Kit

– Sweden & Martina Guided Kit

– Thummen

– Zimmer Guided Surgery Kit

4.  What if I don’t own my manufacturer’s Guided Surgical Kit?  Can Implant Concierge still help me? 

Of course!  We have manufacturer’s guided kits that you can lease for as little as $150.  We always figure out a solution!  Just give us a call so we can help you determine what is best for your case.

5.  What type of surgical guides are available through Implant Concierge? 

Implant Concierge provides surgical guides for any type of case!  Because we are a service-based company, we provide solutions using many different guided treatment planning softwares allowing us to create or order a surgical guide for ANY type of case.  Based upon the needs, we will recommend the best software solution for you!  All on 4, All on 6, Immediate Extract/Immediate Place, Soft tissue borne, bone borne, bone reduction, tooth borne or hybrid surgical guides… We can do it!!

6.  Do I have to use anchor pins for a soft tissue borne guide?

No, you don’t have to, but in some cases, you would be silly not to!  Unlike our competitors, Implant Concierge does not charge extra to add anchor pins to your surgical guide.  If your guided kit does not come with anchor drills and pins, Implant Concierge offers an Anchor Pin Set (One drill & three ∅1.5mm pins) for $120! If you already have a compatible drill, we can provide a set of 3 pins for $65.

Your Implant Concierge 3D Case Coordinator will help you make a decision during your Final Virtual Implant Planning (VIP) meeting if the anchor pins would be helpful or not.  However, usually all fully edentulous mandibles will be better served to have anchor pins placed!  For hybrid designs – both tooth and muscosa support – as well as fully edentulous maxillary cases, it usually comes down to user preference!

7.  What are the advantages of guided surgery?

True Crown-Down philosophy:

– Place implants in restorative position with bone in mind

– Eliminate surprises due to full anatomy disclosure

– Transfer virtual plan to mouth

Efficient & predictable surgery:

– Minimize surgery time

– Less invasive

– Minimizes discomfort

– Minimize healing time

Know exact materials needed:

– Grafting materials and quantity

– Implant sizes

– Abutment selection

– Provisionals pre-fabricated

Increase case acceptance:

– Patient knowledge

– Provide an accurate & detailed cost/time expectation

8.  Why does Implant Concierge offer different manufacturer surgical guides?

While Implant Concierge prefers to provide you with our in-house printed surgical guides, we understand that there are certain cases where other guides might be better for a specific reason or you might have a specific guide preference.  At our core, we are a SERVICE based, consultative company that wants to provide the most comprehensive options available.  We aren’t going to force you with a specific guide manufacturer or try to sell you software over the phone.  That’s not our culture.

9.  What is the ADA dental code for a surgical guide?


10.  What is the difference between milled and printed surgical guide?

Both processes are very accurate!  Milling technically is more accurate.  BUT, printing is on a 16 micron level, which is VERY accurate.  We are talking about 3 – 5 microns vs. 16 microns.  However, and unlike a crown, because the guide is cross arch, there HAS to be some offset for it to fit and seat.

11.  What is an Implant Concierge CAD/CAM Surgical Guide?

An Implant Concierge CAD/CAM surgical guide is a guide that we customize with you during our Virtual Implant Treatment Planning session.  During this VIP meeting, we determine the position of the guided sleeves that are compatible with your surgical kit as well as customize any special design features such as inspection and irrigation windows and the fit of the guide.  Once we finish the design, that design is then sent to our in-house 3D medical grade FDA approved printer in San Antonio, TX, that allows us to ensure great QC measures!


12.  How do I order an Implant Concierge CAD/CAM Surgical Guide?

Simple!  Go to and log in and select, “Create Implant Concierge Case”.

13.  Why does Implant Concierge have a simple flat price for its surgical guides?

Implant Concierge believes in flat pricing for two core reasons:  simplicity and affordability.  We are here to make guided surgery a reality for any practice and for any patient.  Providing concierge type service and passion with an extremely competitive flat price makes it impossible to say no to us!


14.  How long does it take to receive my surgical guide?

After the online Virtual Implant Planning session where you finalize your treatment plan, you will then digitally sign the Authorization form.  Once we receive your authorization, we will go to print within 8 business hours.  Yes, it is possible to have your guide within 12-48 hours of your authorization!  Of course, if you want to cut to the front of the line, then we add a $75 Rush Processing charge.  But, if you need a guide quickly, that’s peanuts!  We are serious about service!


15.  How accurate are Implant Concierge Surgical Guides? 

Very!  Ultimately, the fit of the guide is only as good as the final model / impression / IOS that you provide to Implant Concierge.  Using cutting edge technology, like 3Shape optical scanners, DWOS software, and Objet Medical Grade FDA approved 3D printers that print on 16 micron levels, these guides fit amazing!  In fact, the guides are so accurate, we have built in an offset just so the guides will fit!  Otherwise, they won’t fit over the top of the supporting structure.

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