Guided Surgery Process

+ You

Implant Concierge will use your CBCT scan and diagnostic models/.STL Files to create a preliminary treatment plan. You will then choose how you want to finalize the implant placement!

Single Implant: $75

2+ Implants: $100

  • Auto Approval
    Additional $25
    • Single Implants Only
    • Fast and convenient!
    • Simply accept the treatment plan as is, or request edits.
    • Review a quick video with measurements and key anatomy.
    • Include Video link
  • Virtual Implant Planning (VIP)
    Additional $50
    • Schedule an online consultation with your favorite, experienced 3D Case Coordinator.
    • Request as many meetings as you need until you are comfortable with the case! It’s your plan!
    • No Software purchase required!
    • Include Video Link
  • Finalize in RealGUIDE
    No additional fee
    • Download the free treatment planning software, RealGUIDE, to finalize the implant placement yourself!
    • Include video link
    • You can visit the video library on how to use the RealGUIDE software here
    • If you have questions, or need further assistance, please contact the RealGUIDE team at 866-828-5300 or at
  • Case Requirements:
    DICOM Files Diagnostic Model/.STL File

Surgical Guides

Temporary Restorative Products

Radiology Interpretation


If you have pathological concerns or notice abnormal anatomy on your patient’s CBCT, request our in-house Board Certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist! Minimize your risk.

  • Select from Implant Concierge in-house Board Certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist or from one of our trusted partners.
  • Thorough analysis of anatomical structures, pathology, and implant viability with correlating 3D images.
  • Areas of interest are encouraged to be specific!


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Dr. Michael Morchat
Dr. Glenn Terry
24-48 Hour Turn-Around Time
UT Health San Antonio Implant Concierge Radiology Interpretation Board Certified Radiologist Guided Surgery Dental Implant Surgical Guide Stent
Turn-Around time: 5-6 Business days $75
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Turn-Around time: Same day

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